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Taiyito Zigbee Cloud Box of Smart Home Network Control

Being a comprehensively systematic concept, smart home automation provides clients not just a single product or simple isolated function. In this system, Taiyito technology involves a full range of products, including lights, adjustable lights, electrical appliances, infrared electrical equipment (such as projectors, TV, AC, floor heating etc. ), electric-drive curtain, remote fingerprint coded locks, window opener, drying rack, ventilator, manipulator, automatic detection and operation of water injection in the pool ...

With the utilization of the existing mature products, smart home automation will definitely provide diverse and random control modes. In other words, as time goes on, the control will be realized by several intelligent touch screen products, such as smart phone. PAD and smart TV etc.

The Cloud Box of Smart Home Network Control Host also emerged, making intelligent control more simple and convenient.


The application and function:

After the installation of the Cloud box of smart home network control host in your home, no matter where you are, whether you are far from home or at home in the local area network (LAN), you can easily control your home or office space intelligent electrical equipment in various ways.

With WiFi and IEEE international standard agreement ZigBEE communication module built inside, the Cloud box of smart home network control host is used in two-way ZigBEE smart home system.

Its function is to connect the cloud server and home routers communicate, then to transmit and receive two-way 2.4 G wireless RF signal. It belongs to the remote control-type products and mainly used for to intelligent electrical equipment at home through remote network. At the same time, it can be used to query the working condition of the intelligent electrical appliances.

For example, by means of Wechat, you can control your lights, electrical appliances, curtains, fingerprint door lock, etc. during your business trip by your mobile phone or PAD. Before going aboard the plane, you can turn on the air conditioning or open the water heater at home.

Cloud box of smart home network control host allows you to "control" your home all the time.


Installation site:
(Note: before installing this product, must first networking) At home, as long as there is a wireless router (WIFI) and 95v to 240v power supply cord and not far away from your TV position (WIFI, power supply, TV, TDWZ6618). Installation is very simple!

The relative of matching products:
This TDWZ6618 cloud box of smart home network control host is combined with the taiyito technology bidirectional of ZigBEE smart home system in other lighting, electrical appliances, air conditioning, curtain, fingerprint door lock, window, dryer and so on. Than it can easily achieve home automation intelligent control.

Function description:

1. When you travel in other place, you can watch the bedroom and some electrical appliances, such as curtains or lights turned on or off.
When you travel in other place, you can watch the situation of the company and send a command to open or close your manager's office door.
There are a lot of company office’s (instance) air conditioning and the light is not closed, the personnel on duty and not to enter and control permissions, cause in wasted. However there has a PAD installed software or a smartphone in the duty room, can control and demand the electrical work.
In the hotel, when the guest checks-in formalities before entered the room. It can open some lights, electrical appliances and air ventilation for guest rooms in advance.
2. When you at home: Could you watching TV and control the smart appliance in the home at the same time? This is the real intelligent life! Is it possible to use PAD to control every smart appliance in other floor when you get bed, it is really convenient!
3. Except intelligent control, you can also easily enjoy the cloud TV brings relaxed fashion of intelligent enjoyment:


Feature: 1. In line with international standards of the INTERNET network communication protocol, to avoid the secondary or tertiary network IP address cannot penetrate the problem! It’s a variety of control mode, suitable for you in a different position.
2. Working states checkable: you can check the working states of the controlled lamps/appliances, then to turn it on/off, very safe to control, this checking function is the unique one in the Market! Controlled lamps/appliances very easy for reset the address.
3. Operation humanized interface, convenient operation.
4. Combine TDX6618 network remote monitor you can monitor and control your home at any time!
5. Wide voltage power supply mode, which can meet all of customer demand from the different country,different area.

Specification: ZigBee protocol: IEEE 802.15.4
Received signal: WiFi (802.11b/g/n)
Transmitting frequency: 2.4GHz
Supply voltage: AC 95-240V;50-60Hz
Receive data interface: RS485;ZigBEE and so on
Static Power: 0.5W
Size: 125*125*2 6mm
Antenna length: 95 mm

Give your client or operating interface: 1. Cloud TV interface (Installed on the TV)
2. Mobile phone micro letter interface (Installed on the smart phone, remote operation)
3. Mobile phone client (IOS and Android); Used in the local area network (LAN) in the home (If the public can also be used directly!)